Ultra-Low Endotoxin FBS – Do I need this ?

Ultra-Low Endotoxin FBS – Do I need this for my experiments ?

Many cell culture projects require the use of Very Low Endotoxin or Endotoxin Free materials, including the media in which the cells are cultured.  Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is a standard component of cell culture media.  A look at a FBS Lot Certificate of Analysis will show that Endotoxin is one of the variables that has a Specification and a Reported Value sitting side by side on the C of A.  If you are culturing Endotoxin sensitive cells, you should be aware of both the FBS Grade Endotoxin Specification and the Reported Endotoxin Result of your the FBS Lot that you are using to culture your cells, so that you obtain the most relevant experimental results possible.

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